How to Switch Warcraft 1.22 to 1.23 Patch and Back Again

Posted: Tháng Ba 23, 2009 in Phần mềm, Thủ thuật

Most of the Warcraft 3 Players face problems when installing Warcraft 3 TFT patch and get their Warcraft 3 corrupt. So I decided to help you guys, I made Warcraft 1.23 Patch Switcher package. By using this you will be able to use Warcraft 1.23 patch without installing and you can switch between version Warcraft III 1.23 and Warcraft III 1.22 Patch. Below you download WVS and read the guide to use it!

How to use Warcraft Version Switcher to Switch 1.22a and 1.23 (Step by Step Guide)
• Download Warcraft version switcher from the link above.
• Open Warcraft Version Switcher.exe and install it to any folder.
• Open the folder where you installed WVS.
• Now open Wvs.exe
• Click the 4th button from left side (Option Button).
• Enter you Warcraft 3 Path like “c:\Dota” at the bottom of the Options Window.
• Close Option Window and Now click Switch Version Button (1st Button).
• Double Click the version you want to switch. Warcraft 1.22 Or Warcraft 1.23
• Version will be switched.
• Enjoy! and dont forget to visit

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